5 Local Gifts Perfect for Strong-Yet-Sensitive Scorpios

5 Local Gifts Perfect for Strong-Yet-Sensitive Scorpios


Struggling to find the perfect gift for your Scorpio friends? Maybe you just need a nudge in the right direction?

Not to worry, we are here with the perfect, eco-friendly, personalized presents for our featured sign, Scorpios! Born between October 23 and November 21, these feisty water signs are full of life and passion. They are loyal, extremely intelligent, and strong individuals, which means you’re extremely lucky to have them as a friend.

Fun fact: Well-known individuals among the Scorpio crowd include Bill Gates, Julia Roberts, Matthew McConaughey, Whoopi Goldberg, and Marie Antoinette.

Keep reading if you want to find the best local treats to show your favorite Scorpios how much you love them!

1. Playing Cards Made to Spark Unique Conversations

Scorpios love to get deep, and in no time they will have all of your secrets uncovered without you even realizing. Basecamp Cards feature icebreaking ques to inspire unique conversations that will aid individuals in getting to know more about each other fast.

2. A Comforting Tea Blend

Scorpios are strong, stubborn and stoic individuals who crave independence and freedom. Woash Wellness Tea is the perfect self-care routine for any Scorpio going through any retrograding planet or unsavory astrological season.

3. A Gourmet Treat

Scorpios will always have time for gourmet candy. The Fraser Valley Almond Butter Crunch features signature creamy caramel, toasted almonds and rich chocolate the perfect blend of savoury and sweet similar to Scorpio personalities themselves.

4. A Cozy Locally Made Candle

Scorpios go crazy for pleasant, sensual, and intimate scents. They’ll take any opportunity to cozy up next to their candle with their favorite book during rainy afternoons. Land of Daughters 'Celebrate Everything' Candle is the perfect present to allow any Scorpio to recharge.

5. A Soothing Bath Bomb

Scorpios are water signs, which means they find the most comfort within it. A warm, soothing bath is perfect accompaniment during these relaxing moments. A bath bomb from Bare Skin Bar is the perfect gift for every Scorpio this upcoming season.


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