6 Local Goodies Your Libra Friend will Love!

6 Local Goodies Your Libra Friend will Love!


Looking to celebrate this season's birthdays with the Libras in your life? Libra season falls between September 23 and October 22! We have curated the perfect gift guide for your social, trendy Libra - packed with treats that will definitely make them swoon. 

Libras are often dubbed the most romantic of the zodiac, they are air signs iconically represented by scales which symbolize balance and harmony.

Fun Fact: A few well-known Libras you may recognize include Will Smith, Donald Glover, Serena Williams, Julie Andrews, and Hugh Jackman.

Bare Skin Bar Bath Bomb1. A Cozy Bath Bomb

Exactly like their symbol, Libras aim for balance, peace and harmony. Loving anything cozy and comforting, a bath bomb from Bare Skin Bar is an essential addition to their self-care routine.

Hale Paper Hand Soap2. Adventurous Soap For On The Go

Libras are true dreamers. They love to get out and explore as they are in constant search of inspiration. Hale Paper Hand Soap is a perfect pair for their next outdoor adventure! 

Goldilocks Goods Beeswax Wrap3. Beautifully Practical Beeswax Wraps

Libras thrive in chaos, but as the harmonized beings that they are, organization is very important to them! These Goldilocks Goods Beeswax Wraps are a perfect present for your fleety Libra, as they are versatile, flexible, and reusable, everything your friend would need to organize their lives.

LOA Skin’s Botanical Beauty Elixir4. A Trendy Skin Serum

If anyone knows about the season’s latest trends, it’s your Libra friends. Skin serums have taken over social media this past year, and LOA Skin’s Botanical Beauty Elixir is one we are loving! 

Basecamp Cards5. Socialite Playing Cards

Libras are known for being social butterflies. These playing cards from Basecamp Cards feature icebreaking prompts that are waiting to fuel legendary conversations.

ChopValue Jenga6. Jenga, Like You’ve Never Seen Before 

Libras hold balance and symmetry to be very important aspects in life. Jenga, the epitome of balance wrapped in one puzzle game, is perfect for your special Libra. Pick this set fully made from recycled chopsticks, thanks to our clever friends at ChopValue!

Each of these gift ideas are available in our marketplace and can be added to custom gift boxes! You can also browse our other product offerings to build the perfect birthday box. 

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