Six Artisan Gift Ideas To Send A Leo Wild

Six Artisan Gift Ideas To Send A Leo Wild


In need of a personalized and loving present for your Leo? Maybe you want it to be sustainable and ecologically aware too? If your loved one’s birthday is on or between July 23 to August 22, you are in luck, because this list will round up the best presents for your fiery friends. 

Leos are fire signs, ruled by the sun! This explains their warm, passionate and dynamic personalities. These ambitious, optimistic and highly energetic individuals are sure to appreciate you making the most out of their special day. 

Fun Fact: A few familiar faces amongst the Leo crowd are favourites like Meghan Markle, Daniel Radcliffe, Barack Obama, and Viola Davis. 

So, let’s give your Leo a gift they won’t forget this season. Knowing them, they’ll never forget how amazing you made them feel on their birthday.

 1. A Cozy Artisan Candle

Leos are warm and dynamic individuals, and the Land of Daughters 'Celebrate Everything' candle is the perfect embodiment of this. The Celebrate Everything candle provides warmth and mimics how it feels to curl up next to a fireplace.

2. An Indulgent Tea Blend

Your Leo friends are strong and independent individuals, and once they’re out of the spotlight, they love to nurture themselves and recharge. Their prized alone time can be matched with Woash’s Pick Me Up tea, giving your Leo the perfect amount of comfort and pampering they need after a long day.


3. Earth-Friendly Luxury Soap For On The Go!

Leos are extremely spontaneous and adventurous! Hale Paper Hand Soap would make a perfect gift for their next adventure, allowing them to wash their hands anywhere and anytime. 

4. Snacks For Adventure Packed Days

To pair with clean hands, a snack to go such as one from Naked Snacks (aka. Laid Back Snacks) would be perfect!


5. A Silky Skin Serum

Luxury is what Leos are drawn towards. LOA Skin’s Botanical Beauty Elixir is just that! Decreasing the look of fine line wrinkles, the Beauty Elixir is sure to feel luxurious and pampered. Help your Leo continue their self care journey with this elixir that’s sure to make a welcomed present.

6. Playing Cards Made For Bonding With Pals

Leos love to talk, about their friends, loved ones and… themselves! Spend some loving quality time with your Leo and Basecamp Cards. These cards feature icebreaking questions to inspire unique conversations and uncover even more about each other.

All of these gift ideas are available in our marketplace and can be added to custom gift boxes, ready for you to mix and match the perfect Love Vancity birthday box. Don't forget to sign up to our newsletter for 10% off your first order!


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