zimt Chocolate Bar


Indulge guilt-free with tasty Zimt chocolate. Raw, vegan, organic, and ethically sourced ingredients are magically combined by this Vancouver-based chocolatier.

Chocolate Nib'd:
Incredibly smooth, rich raw chocolate with a delicious snap. Absolutely appropriate for every, single occasion.
Ingredients: cacao nibs*t, coconut sugart, cocoa butter*.

Kaffee Chocolate:
Crunchy, finely ground, roasted coffee beans with caramel undertones add a delicious texture to our classic smooth chocolate.
Ingredientscacao nibs*t, coconut sugart, cocoa buttert, coffee beant.

Salt of the Earth: Winner Winner: chocolate by Zimt (we make it, you know- from cocoa nibs) + Vancouver Island salt by Marphyl! Think- salted chocolate chunk cookies.  
Ingredientscacao nibs*t, coconut sugart, cocoa buttert , Vancouver Island Salt.

Sweet Orange Nib'd: Were you looking for a chocolate bar that tastes like it was infused with sunshine? Well, you found it! Now you can celebrate by getting one (or 50) of your very own...
Ingredientscacao nibs*t, coconut sugart, cocoa buttert, sweet orange essential oil*.

*raw, vegan, organic, ethically sourced
t vegan, organic, ethically sourced