FrostBites Cordial Syrup


These all-natural fruit and botanical cordials are made in small batches in Squamish, BC. They take care to support local farmers and create the finest cordials, which contain 25 - 40% less sugar than standard soda syrups.

Choose From:

  1. Key Lime Mint: This is the go to cordial for making zingy summer drinks to enjoy on a sunny patio! The unique tartness of key limes is balanced out with the sweetness of the cane sugar. The fresh garden mint adds a lovely freshening note to this hostess staple.
  2. Raspberry Vanilla: Deliciously fruity, with vanilla notes. Lush, tart, raspberries are given a decadent twist with rich vanilla beans, that when made into a soda, is reminiscent of a creamsicle. This cordial is our go to as a dessert sauce, and in dessert making, such as pavlovas, jelly rolls and trifles.
  3. Mango Passionfruit: This lush cordial has the perfect tropical taste for summer drinks, or as a sauce for ice cream + yogurt. Try perking up your morning smoothie with just a dash of this fan favourite.
  4. Cranberry Spice: Full of tart cranberry goodness, this lightly sweet syrup has all the spices you would find in warming holiday drinks, with a surprise kick of black pepper. Use it in something with fizz for a refreshing holiday treat.