FrostBites Cordial Syrup


These all-natural fruit and botanical cordials are made in small batches in Squamish, BC.  They take care to support local farmers and create the finest cordials, which contain 25 - 40% less sugar than standard soda syrups.

Choose From:

  1. Key Lime Mint: This is the go to cordial for making mojitos, margaritas, and for livening up gimlets.  The unique tartness of key limes is balanced out with the sweetness of the cane sugar.  The fresh garden mint adds a lovely freshening note to this bartending staple.
  2. Mango Passionfruit:  This lush cordial has the perfect tropical punch for tiki drinks, or as a sauce for ice cream + yogurt. Try perking up your morning smoothie with just a dash of this fan favourite. Pairs well with tequila, rum, and makes the best tasting soda.
  3. Cranberry Spice: Full of tart cranberry goodness, this lightly sweet syrup has all the spices you would find in mulled wine, with a surprise kick of black pepper.  Use in sparkling wine for a holiday cocktail or try using a splash in your Cosmopolitan. We keep this in our pantry to make an easy mocktail for the designated driver at all of the holiday parties.