Le Meadow's Pantry Jam

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Le Meadow’s Pantry makes artisan jams, using local fruit and botanicals. All our preserves are cooked 12 jars at a time in copper preserving pans to capture the bright flavours and essence of the fruit.

Gluten-Free and Vegan. All natural. Preservative Free. Non-GMO.

Raspberry and Rose Jam
This jam is our bestseller, made with BC raspberry it has a rich raspberry taste and a subtle aroma of roses. We use a pure rose water distilled in Quebec from wild roses.

Strawberry and Balsamic Jam

Whole strawberries are macerated several days, then cooked and finished with aged balsamic vinegar to enhance the flavour of the berries. A truly intense jam, it is also a favourite with children.

Pear Maple Syrup and Sage Jam

This is a unique and delightful jam. Perfectly ripe Okanagan pears are cooked with maple syrup and sage to give it a perfect richness.