Woash Loose Leaf Tea

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Indulge your mind and body with an antioxidant-packed cup of Woash tea. Made in Vancouver with the finest ingredients, these blends are full of goodness.

ME TIME TEA - Caffeine Free - Check in with your body to slow down and create more intentional moments. This tea is the perfect accent to your unique personal ritual –– whether that’s journaling, walking along the ocean, meditating, winding down before bed or anything that encourages you to pause, reflect and harness creativity. It’s like drinking an aromatic diffuser blend of lavender, chamomile, lemongrass and passionflower! Go on, be a little selfish and savour some much-needed calm.

*Not intended for pregnant women*

Servings: 15 - 20 cups / 25 g


REVIVE -  Caffeinated - This powerful blend of green tea and herbs helps your body rejuvenate if it’s feeling depleted after your last workout, hike or for the introverts who powered through one too many Zoom calls this week.

Servings: 10 - 14 cups  /35 g

PICK ME UP TEA -  Caffeinated - Kickstart sluggish mornings feeling energized and nourished to take on the day. This warm, energizing blend is our favourite AM cup to get us in the flow and support our unique needs! Yerba Mate boosts and elongates your energy levels, with matcha swinging in to help you avoid a jittery caffeine crash. It’s the perfect lil’ something extra to help get through your day (or to replace your afternoon coffee) without disrupting your sleep later. 

Servings: 12 - 16 cups / 40 g